I am ready to go home..

But I’m an hour and 45 mins from where I am supposed to be, and I don’t have my car.
I am dead if my parents find out I’m not at my friends house.. I am with my friend at her real house, but not where I am supposed to be.
I heard someone taking a shower earlier, but no one is up yet
*sad face*

posted 7 hours ago on Apr 19
I’m so ready for bed

But I can’t sleep with everyone else being high..
Plus it’s only 2

posted 14 hours ago on Apr 19

*boop boop*

posted 2 days ago on Apr 17
I have so many things I want to start posting for Ellie’s story.

But where to begin?! Like a months worth of stuff has gone down.
And most peoples years worth doesn’t touch this crap.

posted 2 days ago on Apr 17


If the zodiac signs were in a horror movie. 

I’d secretly help the killer, honestly not surprised.

posted 3 days ago on Apr 16


I hate how its americanised. We dont have winter at christmas time in New Zealand.I hope we can choose what time zone and hemistphare we could keep our sims in.

Just throwing this out there, the game was mad in California /America/ so they were doing things based off of what they know and experience. Also, when you think of Christmas what accompanies it? Snow, snow men, snowflakes /snow stuff/ so it would make since for them to make it in winter by default.

But I agree with the choosing when holidays are.

posted 3 days ago on Apr 16