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Gretchen - Regina - Bae
Inspo BC - Inspo AA


Charlay for sperosims.

im jealous because she looks better in your game than mine ;_;

lol @ you

when you tell someone their sims all look the same or like family when I can’t tell any of yours apart. Like wait, who did you just post? 

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In the United States:





The north:

The south:

this is unbelievably true

This is so true it hurts.

The south isn’t equipped to deal with snow…just like the north isn’t equipped to deal with hurricanes…or even tropical storms. Want to compare how we deal with those or nah?

for the last comment

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I was tagged by bbs Kelly and Jean ^.^


semi organized.. with bae (charlie hunnam bc just look at him) who also happens to be Trevors FC lmao

I tag: fluentlysimlish - notplumblobswithapassion - creatingsims - yeah i can’t think of anymore.. so just 3!

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