Back to my so off angles :/

posted 3 hours ago on Sep 02


The Sims:

Fourteen years of a fucking addiction.

posted 1 day ago on Sep 01
Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

posted 1 day ago on Sep 01

I’m gonna have to update my FAQ page soon bc none of this shit is the same anymore ;_; 

ahhh, welcome to mac life 

posted 2 days ago on Aug 31


My ovaries have combusted.

ahhhhh, eye candy <3

posted 3 days ago on Aug 30

I honestly can’t wait to play again. 

I would need to bootcamp first, probably.. but ugh I just want to freaking play! It’s been months ;_;

posted 4 days ago on Aug 29