😟 possible hiatus

Something has caused my computer to not even turn on. I’m taking it to the repair guy tomorrow and see what he says. If he can fix it I’ll go for it, but if not. Hiatus.

posted 1 day ago on Jul 21
TITLE: Ignition (Remix)
ARTIST: R. Kelly
PLAYED: 26,091 times



Ignition (Remix) | R. Kelly


this takes me back to like 7th grade ;_;

posted 2 days ago on Jul 20


Aubrey 2.0

Ari likes >:)

posted 2 days ago on Jul 20
Haha, he started because you saw Emi and wanted to make her a guy. ^.^

thats what I thought.. but I couldn’t remember if that was the start lmao

posted 1 week ago on Jul 14