this is from like junior year i think… maybe sophomore idk. but I no longer have that freaky vampire tooth… but my face is still fat :/ and I’m still pretty pale. like more pale than i am here.

sorry for bad quality, taken with my really old shitberry. 

Posted on Mar 31, 2013
Tagged: #selfie #i'll probably regret this #non sims #savoirhide

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  1. naiyasfury said: I just wanna kiss your face! Too cute <3
  2. pocketfulofpixels said: aww you’re adorable bb :) i appreciate you referring to your blackberry as a shitberry because there is literally no better description for those phones my curve was so horrible.
  3. quizicalgin said: ppppft it is not a fat fae you could give yourself a pair of wings and be a really tall cherub. Also *face because I cannot spell at this hour x.x
  4. icrvesims said: You’re so gorgeous.
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