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I feel like Lana Del Rey’s music has a sad… melancholy undertone to it. But not like depressing. imo it adds character and body to her music

idk, tell me if you see it for feel the same. I feel weird just now feeling like this after listening to her music for like ever :/

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  1. therescakeinyourhair said: I feel exactly the same way. She really embodies the glamour of old Hollywood, but seems to be the real deal. Her voice is melancholy, but it makes it perfect, imo. She makes you want to smoke a cigarette!
  2. lolitasim said: "Lana Del Rey makes me nostalgic for events that have never happened in my life." Her music makes you wish you were born in the 50’s or wherever, it sounds like she’s telling us that that memory is starting to die out due to mainstream pop culture.
  3. cheekykittenlevi said: its like sad/dark but like no at the same time… and they have a story behind it too.. serial killer is my favorite… besides the title <__<
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